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Industrial design is about discovering new possibilities and creating new usabilities. To set my clients’ products apart from their competition, I focus on creating new kinds of user experiences that customers will love. Below I have listed a few of my past and recent projects. Feel free to browse through my portfolio and see if something inspires you.



I am especially proud of my work on the Tea kettle project, which has received many accolades from my clients and the design industry at-large. I worked tirelessly on this project and am very proud of the final result. Would you like me to create something similar for your needs? Get in touch to see what I can start designing for you today.


The Watch project was very popular among clients and consumers alike. This project was the result of many hours of brainstorming, creating, and innovating various design patterns until I finally reached the beautiful and functional end result. Get in touch with me to see what else I can create for you today.


My Headphones brings together form and functionality to create a beautiful and useful product. This project managed to perfectly balance my innovative ideas with the vision and unique preferences of my client. Do you like what you see? I can recreate this project for you or create a similar version according to your specifications. Let’s chat today.

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